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ACC Documents

ACC is responsible for ensuring that all owners' improvements are aligned with the community's Deed Restrictions and guidelines. This includes, but is not limited to scope of work for: culvert installation, lot clearing, new house, external remodels, external structures, pools, fencing, pools, FFA/4H projects, etc. and all associated activities. Their efforts start with the submission of applications by the owner/contractor, ends with the submission of the 'Letter of Completion' and close-out activities between ACC/Tri-Star Community Management and the owner/contractor, and everything in-between. 
This page provides a listing and links to all the ACC documents (e.g., applications, guidelines, etc.). These documents are periodically updated and therefore all owners and/or contractors should always visit this location to ensure they have the most reason revision.
If you are a RLS Resident and would like to ask any questions, have comments and/or suggestions for any of these ACC Documents, or for the ACC Committee, please send a note to 'ACC' on the 'Contact Us' page. All Non-Owner please follow the directions on the top of the 'Contact Us' page. Thanks for your assistance.